Velophone transforms bicycles into musical instruments.

Using motion sensors and radio signals, Velophone algorithmically generates musical scores based on the rider's movements. Its original compositions are adapted and modulated for multiple bicycles when many Velophones ride together.

A reactive instrument, Velophone transposes sonic landscapes onto the city. It is an act of choreography, musical composition, and performance for one, two, or 1000 riders.

Musical Composition on Wheels

  • Velophone's first prototype (featured above) uses a large surface transducer to create sound waves which travel through all of the bicycle's parts before emanating in all directions.

    Each bicycle frame's rich and unique resonance cuts through traffic noise, and provides haptic feedback for the rider, in addition to making their journey safer.

  • Group Performance

    Multiple Velophones participate in a shared experience, creating a musical score that reflects the combined movements of all riders.

    Our current 2 Velophone prototypes communicate with each other constantly through radio waves, modulating their songs in polychoral style. The underlying radio communication, and resulting musical effect, can scale to any number of riders.

Velophone is a project by
Greg Sadetsky and Luc Mikelsons

Musical Contributions by Catherine Lefrançois

Our thanks to Ismail Negm, João Felipe Santos, Mathieu Gauthier and Sandria P. Bouliane

Video Production Credits
Camera - Brandon Johnston
Saxophone - Adam Kinner